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Advanced Placement Human Geography
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On this page you will find links to the dates your class assignments are due, the class syllabus, class rules, and the area to check your grades.

This link will take you to the class calendar which will show you test dates, quiz dates, and dates worksheets and other assignments are due.

This link will take you to the class syllabus which will explain how you will be evaluated. It also shows test dates and other vital information pertaining to the course. A list of class rules is also shown. 

Important Websites
Companion Website for Text "Rubenstein, An Indro to Human Geography, 8th Ed
AP Human Geography Units of Study
College Board AP Central for AP Human Geography
AP Human Geography Topic Outline
Barron's How to Study for AP Human Geography
Structure of the AP Human Geography Exam
AP Human Geography Sample Questions & Scoring
National Geography Standards
PowerPoint Presentations from Class
Iraqi Partition Webquest


Helpful Websites

The National Council for Geographic Education
National Geographic Website
National Geographic Map Machine
US Geological Survey
Great Map Projections Site
World Atlas Website
CIA World Factbook
Theodora World Factbook
United Nations Website
Geographia World Travel Website
National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA)
World Population Reference Bureau
World Watch Institute Online
US State to State Statiistics
Library of Congress Country Studies
Global Information Online (Globalization)
The International Hearld Tribune
Calculate Distance in Miles
Global Climate Animations
World Resourse Institute
Globalization Website
World Population Clock
Excellent World News Website
World Immigration Website
World Religion Website
World Diversity Patterns
NASA Earthlights Map
USDA Agricultural Data & Statistics
Fun Global Simulation Workshop
Fun Geography Quizzes On-line

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